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Arvada Wedding Flowers

Arvada Wedding Flowers

Bobbie and Jesse – Arvada Backyard Shin Dig So, let’s just start of by saying that Bobbie and Jesse’s wedding was a BLAST to work on. So many colors, textures and fun details. Plus – we love a tattoo’d bride. Like, loooooove them. (it’s an obsession really….)

This wedding was just so cool. When we first met with Bobbie, she had a great vision. The wedding took place in her and Jesse’s back yard in Arvada (which, was probably one of the coolest back yards ever), so she wanted to keep things, summery, semi casual and above all, colorful and fun! We chose a great mix of fluffy, larger blooms to compliment the smaller, daintier blooms and what we ended up with was luscious and scrumptious arrangements and bouquets. Bobbie and Jesse had so many little details that really made their day that much more special and really made everything come together. Thanks to Elevate Photography for these amazing shots of what was clearly a great day!

Arvada Wedding Florist

Arvada Wedding Flowers

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