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The Lyons Farmette and River Bend Wedding Flowers

Well, you guys, it’s been QUITE a while since we’ve posted on the blog. And I wish I could blame it all on the fact that we’ve been so, so busy (which, we definitely have been!), but, alas, that’s just not the (only) reason. But! we’re back and we’ve got some amazing weddings in store for you!

Starting off, we’ve got Lauren and Justin’s gorgeous, gorgeous wedding. And seriously, it was such a fun event to work on. Lauren was so relaxed and flexible. At her initial consult, she brought in a great inspiration board that she and Whitney of Wit and Wiley Events and Environments had come up with. It had the richest colors and a variety of textures included, and we just got so excited! Trying to incorporate the look of River Bend, we decided on a romantic and somewhat overgrown look, with some glam accents. Using a mix of fuller flowers with some textural floral accents, we created, what we like to think, a fun, slightly bohemian, slighty “secret garden” style florals. And, well, we’re just loving these photos. We hope you do as well!

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