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Caroline and Josef - Devil's Thumb Ranch - Colorado Mountain Wedding Florist

Hey, you know how we like mountain weddings? Well, we also love mountain weddings - especially at Devil's Thumb Ranch. It just doesn't get better than that view. And they don't make them nicer than the staff at Devil's Thumb. Everyone you meet is so accommodating and helpful - seriously, they're the best. And, you know who else is the best - Abbey with Purple Summer Events. She's just the bee's knees. Are you reading this post thinking to yourself "Man, I think I need a wedding coordinator that knows everything, is extremely good at time management, has a keen eye for design AND has a witty sense of humor " but you think that person doesn't exist? Well, she does. And her name is Abbey. Call her. Call her now. Because you'll either get Abbey or Kelley (OR BOTH!) for your event and well, we just love them both. And they didn't even pay us to say that :)

But I digress. Caroline and Josef - their wedding. Just, I mean, gorgeous. Simply gorgeous. We had so much fun planning and designing this wedding with Caroline. And again, we used lots of greenery, a simple color palette, and copious amounts of wit and sarcasm to make it all truly memorable. We hope you love the images from The Photogenic Lab as much as we did!

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