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Tia and Austin - Private Residence - Colorado Wedding Florals

OK. I love all our clients. Like, loooove our clients. And let me tell you why. Our clients laugh at me. And, if you've met me or talked with me at all, you know I need that affirmation that I am, in fact, hilarious. (I really am....) and clients like Tia, that not only laugh at me (and understood my sense of humor) but are equally as hilarious, make my job so much more fun. AND THEN! She had a great sense of style - which is just the icing on the cake. (Let's face it though, flowers are just plain pretty, no matter the style you like...i mean, flowers are just the best, right? RIGHT?!)

Tia and Austin's wedding was just plain fun. From the gorgeous bouquet Lisa designed, to the floral letters we put together, this wedding was your quintessential timeless beauty. I believe the photos from Catherine Lea Photography sum it up perfectly. There's so much beauty here, you're going to want a nap after this.

Until next time!


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