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Emily and Denton - History Colorado Center

Oh man. It's been a while. Did you miss us? Did you think we went somewhere? I hope so, and nope...we never left. It just takes a very long time to update the blog - over a year in fact... But, back to the real reason you're here, dear reader. WEDDINGS!!!

Emily and Denton's wedding was remarkably sweet and adorable with so many loving touches and thoughtful pieces. The ceremony was held at Emily's parent's house (notice their AMAZING landscaping!), and the reception was at the History Colorado Center (which will forever be known as the Colorado History Museum to this don't mess with tradition, right?).

Working on this wedding with Emily and her mother was just downright a joy. There was never a moment of being caught up in anything seemingly silly - they were all so set on the fact that this was a party, and dang it, they were going to have fun no matter what. (I often joke with our clients that I'm required to be a guest at their wedding, (totally a joke, unless you are serving really good food...and then...) and this was one I WISH I had invited myself too. Hope you enjoy!

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