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Wedding Flowers

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Wedding Flowers Pricing:

As Denver Wedding Florists, we work very closely with our clients to achieve their most perfect day. From coordinating the flowers to match with the overall color palette of an wedding to making sure that every little detail of our role for the day is set up in a timely manner, we want to ensure that every client has their dream wedding, no matter the size. 


Pricing for wedding flowers is an interesting thing. It varies year to year and  flower to flower.  Because of all the variables in pricing of flowers, everything we do is completely custom to you, the client, and what you are wanting for your special day.  We ask that you send in an inquiry form so we can contact you to get the basic information we need to create an initial estimate for you to show how our pricing is structured.

We don’t offer a price list, simply because we want you to have a custom wedding, rather than a wedding from column A, column B or column C. We do enjoy working with clients of all budget ranges, but we do have a minimum of $500.00 (pre-tax), and a minimum of $2,000.00 (pre-tax) for delivery and set up.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Lisa and Lizzie

We are available by appointment only for Wedding consults Wednesdays through Saturdays and are available Mondays through Saturdays for floral arrangement ordering.  We are closed on Sundays. (We are not available for walk-ins at this time, please only phone and email orders.)

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